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05 Oct 2012 | WORLD

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As Mexican musicians and artists, it's difficult in times like this to be hopeful and happy in our intent to represent the cultural richness, beauty, and people of Mexico while bullets, tear gas, fire, and batons strike down our people.

Our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Oaxaca, Ayotzinapa, Chiapas, the border towns, and all of the other beautiful but horrifyingly violence-ridden lands we love and were born from.

We stand in solidarity with all of our gente, and all of the politicians, leaders, journalists, students, and policemen hoping to find some sense of peace, equality, and social justice in our turbulent Mexico.

If only words, wishes, and music were enough to stop the bloodshed...fuerza Mexico!

#Oaxaca #Ayotzinapa #Chiapas #Veracruz #MexicoLindo
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