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3rd Free Summer Concert, Tamales and Sangria This Friday June 24th!

Free Villalobos Brothers Concert at the 52 Marble Hill Boat


Join us this Friday, June 24th for a free concert followed by a fandango, at The Marble Hill Boat!

Special guests will include:

Bernardo Palombo

Rebecca Salazar

Juan Kanagui

Adam Feder

Dakota Burl

Claudia Valentina

Seth Ginsberg

Dave Hertzberg

Humberto Flores

Sabrina Lastman

Matt Synder

Mariachi Real de México

Sinuhé Padilla & Jarana Beat

How do I get there?

Take train #1 to 225th st. As you come down the platform you will be on Broadway and 225th st. Cross Broadway and make a left towards the river. Make a right on the corner (deli) and another right on Marble HIll Ave. (deli). Find the Boat at #52.

By Metro-north it’s even easier!

From Grand Central, take the Hudson Line up to the Marble Hill station in, erhm,Manhattan! The ride is only 20 minutes and you can actually START DRINKING the minute you get on the train!, once there, cross the street and voila, you’re on Marble Hill Avenue. Trains depart at 6:03, 6:26, 6:54, you get the idea. IMPORTANT: All joking aside, only the front four cars will open at the Marble Hill stop, so please ask the conductor and make sure you are in the right car!

For anyone else driving or meeting us at sea, the full address according to Google is: 52 Marble Hill Ave, New York, NY, 10034.
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And remember:

People like you more when you bring alcohol to their free concerts. See you there! and feel free to bring friends!

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Good music to the world!


June 8th, 2011

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One Comment

  1. Tom Bowler says:

    I can’t attend this time but keep me posted.I will pass it on.

    Good luck