AOEA Aliens of Extraordinary Ability
05 Oct 2012 | WORLD


Welcome to Alberto Villalobos’ Mural Gallery!

In his series of triptych murals Los Viejos three traditional musicians play and sing in a fandango. In the Huasteca region, these celebrations last for days and are always accompanied by live music and dance. Musicians become the voice of the people praising the simplicity and beauty of nature in songs often dedicated to flowers, plants and animals.

He became enamored by these rural sounds and was inspired, too, by Don Elfego a native-musician and friend who mentored him in this particular style of playing. Huasteca music is a genre passed down from generation to generation with its history preserved even while allowing much improvisation.

In his latest mural El Recolector, a harvester working at a cacao plantation in the south of Veracruz picks fruit from a cacao tree; we are shown the simplicity and peacefulness of this act, of nature’s colors, of life’s deeper harmonies – leaving the difficult realities of everyday existence behind us.  Enjoy!