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05 Oct 2012 | WORLD


Opening for The Del Fuegos on Saturday March 3

Opening for The Del Fuegos on Saturday March 3

SAT 3/3  8pm doors / 9pm show / $22 – Tickets on sale 12/21 at noon!
The Del Fuegos

The Del Fuegos

What do you do when a legendary rock band invites you to open one of their shows? In the heart of Brooklyn? On a Saturday night?

That’s right, you close your eyes and pinch yourself in the arm to make sure you are not dreaming! The Del Fuegos are the stuff of legend, and we are so pleased to announce that on the 3rd night of March 2012, we’ll be sharing the stage with them, right here in New York. If you haven’t already, buy your tickets now as this is sure to sell out!


After disbanding in the late 1980s, the various members of the Del Fuegos went on to lead remarkable second lives. In the New Year, however, all four original members of the acclaimed Boston quartet will come together for a 12-city tour of the Eastern Seaboard and Midwest.

The Del Fuegos are among a handful of legendary rock and roll exports from Boston, Mass. Recording alongside X, the Blasters, Los Lobos, and others for L.A. ‘s Slash Records, the Del Fuegos burned brightly through the 1980s. They played more than 200 dates a year internationally and released albums that were consistently favorites of audiences and critics alike. Even before they released their first record, Rolling Stone named them a band to watch. Touring with groups ranging from the Kinks to the Replacements to INXS, ZZ Top and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the Del Fuegos played a style of rock and roll that knocked down the door, stole your girlfriend, and won your heart. Over six busy years, they built a reputation. And then they disappeared.

Of course, not every disappearance is of the same kind. In the case of the Del Fuegos, it ‘s the character of their disappearance that is finally so intriguing. After breaking up, none of the band members took a job at a bait shop. Neither did any of the band members take jobs at Guitar Center. The Del Fuegos dispersed . . . widely. In time, some reports filtered in: two of the band members earned PhDs, one launched a drug and alcohol rehab, and one started a new movement in family music. No one would have called it. Four members . . . and each one reinvented himself. And now they’re back, if only for a short visit.

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February 7th, 2012

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